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A tale of two pizzas

There’s something about the $5 price tag on a Little Caesar’s pizza that, to a certain personality, inevitably introduces the idea of plotting to get yourself alone with one. It erases the cost factor from the guilt equation, leaving only … Continue reading

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Learning to feel full: Can I fix my broken fuel gauge?

It kind of amazes me now that I got through My Perfect Season of Weight Loss with only amateur-level eating skills. I could stop on a dime sometimes, but only if I was really dialed in, and only if I … Continue reading

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Pig virus strikes weight-loss teams

Sunday was the first weigh-in for our family weight-loss contest. All eight contestants lost weight  – and then promptly switched into pigout mode. Ben and my nephew Mason, whose two-person team is currently tied for the lead with Colleen and … Continue reading

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Seize the Pigout!

“Mom, you’re lucky your birthday falls on a Tuesday this year,” Ben said last night, noticing me help myself to an extra slice of pizza. “That way you can pig out on your birthday.” I don’t go crazy on Tuesdays. … Continue reading

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How ‘Normal People’ Eat: Dan Ullman, cooking enthusiast

I’m fascinated by people who love to cook, yet manage to control the gobbling impulse. Our friend Dan certainly fits those criteria. A Bluffton native who lives in Seattle, where  he works for a company that designs undersea maps, Dan  … Continue reading

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How “Normal People” Eat 3: The Next Generation

How do people who grew up with parents who overeat shift out of that pattern? Watching our oldest daughter grow up has been like watching evolution in action. At 17, Rowan seems to have a healthy, sensible attitude about both … Continue reading

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