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‘Hill training’ in a skyscraper

Googling new workouts to try recently, I came across one that purported to deliver a “Kilimanjaro-ready body” in just six weeks. It was intriguing to see how many components of this mountain-training regimen could be incorporated into a fitness walking … Continue reading

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Indoor marathon training: Week 6

The Chilly Chili Run was an awesome venue for a recovery run after Friday’s 20-miler. Conditions were perfect — sunny and cold but hardly any wind, with crispy mud and just a bit of ice on the trails at Ouabache … Continue reading

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A ‘Make the best of it’ race: The Bison Bash 5K

This is what I get for running what turned out to be the “junior varsity” event Saturday at Ouabache State Park. The Bison Bash 5K was delayed six weeks to give the park’s trails time to dry out from this … Continue reading

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The Chilly Chili Trail Run

When I did this run two years ago, I gingerly crept along the icy trail at the back of the pack and finished the back half of this 5.5-mile route without seeing a single other runner, other than a friend … Continue reading

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24 miles (and 2 falls) in 2 days

I knew I was jinxing us with that “trail feet” post. We got through Tuesday’s 12-mile trail run with nothing more than a couple of close calls and some moderately sore muscles. But the next morning, when we wanted to … Continue reading

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I’ve always wanted to see a tree fall in the river…

Wednesday’s run was the closest I’ve ever come to seeing a “leaner” fall into the Wabash. I didn’t actually see this guy fall, but it clearly happened during my run, because when I came back by here after heading out … Continue reading

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Buffalo run

The buffalo trail at Ouabache State Park is one of Colleen’s favorite places to run, especially now that she’s avoiding paved trails during cross country season. It felt weird to go there without her yesterday, but it was a gorgeous … Continue reading

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Escaping the sun on a 10-mile trail run

Approaching the end of our 10-mile trail-mapping run Friday, Traci and I were wilting badly. It was so hot and humid there’s no way we could’ve finished a 10-miler on our usual asphalt route. The woods had shielded us from … Continue reading

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Meditations of a struggling swimmer

I wanted to take the kids to the Ouabache State Park pool before it closes for the summer, to show them where my siblings and I used to swim and to practice my freestyle stroke in what I hoped was … Continue reading

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Cross training passes trail test

A confession: As much as I love trail running, sometimes I think I like the idea of trail running more than the real deal. I mean, I love the spongy sproing and how my feet never get bored and the … Continue reading

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