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Is my laptop giving me plantar fasciitis?

I like to stand at the computer, at least when I’m working at home. It makes me feel more alert, and ideally I do a bit of stretching in the process, rather than scrunching up my shoulders in “work-station pose” … Continue reading

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50-mile recap: Duct tape, a snake and a 911 call

Shoe rotation + duct tape = no blisters The most amazing thing about Saturday’s 50-mile run/walk is that we didn’t get any blisters. None. Zero. We think this is because we changed shoes every 10 miles and put duct tape … Continue reading

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Honey balls (and a Newtons update)

“Must. Have. Better. Fuel.” This is what was going through my head the last few miles of Monday’s 20-miler, which went pretty well overall but was surely affected by the fact that I was conscious of my monthly Weight Watchers weigh-in … Continue reading

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20 mile run/walk

We couldn’t have had better weather for Tuesday’s 20 mile run/walk. The first 10-mile lap from my sister’s house out to Ouabache State Park felt pretty good. We ran the first 3, including a 9:36 Mile 3 (splits below), then … Continue reading

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The 13-mile road beater connundrum

It’s amazing how much difference a few degrees and a greater shade-to-sun ratio can make. Last week’s 10-mile run was an ordeal. Whereas this week’s was … just a run. Which freed my brain cells to consider the biggest question going into … Continue reading

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