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The paradox that helped make me fat

So it turns out I really hate dietary clutter. For someone who used to eat all day long, who once couldn’t imagine being able to possibly keep track of every little thing that went in my mouth on any given … Continue reading

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The ‘stutter-step bite’ plays huge role in avoiding run-on meals

In the Hoosier hay-loft hoops world I grew up in, the “stutter step” wasn’t a flashy playground move but a reference to the short, quick adjustment step that helps set up a powerful foot plant  for launching a lay-up. For … Continue reading

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‘Maybe the next bite will be better’ syndrome

There’s a lot of things that irritate me about the book “Ten Habits of Naturally Slim People,” by Jill H. Podjasek. It’s too New Agey for my tastes  and makes it sound like all naturally thin people have these enlightened … Continue reading

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