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Indoor marathon training: Devising a mental strategy with 6 days to go

I hope there’s an old fashioned analog clock at the Goshen College indoor track for Saturday’s Maple Leaf Marathon, because I’m really getting into breaking up these mega-lap runs into half-hour segments. It makes a huge difference to focus on … Continue reading

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So this is why they call it LSD

There’s nothing like a Long Slow Distance run to make you feel like a hallucinating drug fiend. Friday’s 11-miler was just barely long enough to fit the category, but given that it represents about a 50 percent boost over what … Continue reading

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Communicating with your brain

Like a baseball coach using hand signals to communicate with a batter, I sometimes tweak a simple snack — a banana folded like a hot dog into a slice of Healthy Goodness bread — to signal my brain as to … Continue reading

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