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My new ‘Dew’

Gotta be honest here: I probably wouldn’t have started drinking lemon water if I hadn’t heard somebody say it was a metabolism booster. It’s unclear whether there’s any truth to that or not. Articles on livestrong.com, for example, seem to … Continue reading

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Another example of ‘Normal People’ extreme energy levels

My friend Tinea Agen, front woman for the band Vinyl Richie, was the subject of my very first foray into contemplating How Normal People Eat that later launched a series of interviews. Like so many people I’ve talked to since … Continue reading

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The “unfair metabolism” principle

In a recent post I attempted to shoot down the “unfair metabolism” principle by suggesting that thinner people tend to have different eating patterns than heavier people, whether they realize it or not. I still think that’s true, and I … Continue reading

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