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Cassie kills a dinosaur

Cassie was carrying her plate into the kitchen yesterday when she noticed an open bag of tortilla chips on the counter. She paused for just a moment before depositing her dish in the sink. “You know what, Mom?” she said. … Continue reading

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Return to Jurassic Park

A dinosaur is stirring in my head. I thought I killed it years ago. I‘ve encountered its ghost many times since — a wisp of memory, the vague outline of an amputated habit. But now, even though I knew better, … Continue reading

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Killing dinosaurs softly, with a bun

In “Cutting Myself in Half: 150 Pounds Lost One Byte at a Time,” teen author Taylor LaBaron talks about his cravings as “dinosaurs” that he “starves into extinction.“ I’ve got a whole herd of those suckers, along with that “inner … Continue reading

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