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Treadmill ladder pushes boundaries

My son’s been wanting me to try this workout he’s been doing lately where he does a 5-minute warmup jog at 5 mph (12 minutes per mile pace), then 1 minute at 6 mph (10 min. pace), 1 minute at … Continue reading

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A kid’s point of view: 2 PRs in 1 week!

By Colleen, age 11 This week I had an awesome PR. I was doing a mile time trial on the river greenway. It was funny because Mom and Aunt Traci had just run the hills when it was so hot … Continue reading

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A kid’s point of view: 5K a day project

By Colleen, age 10 As I huffed and puffed and mumbled something about when we were going to stop running and start walking, I realized something: I was running a 5k. That one was Wednesday morning at the River Greenway. … Continue reading

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A new runner in the family?

So I finally talked my sister into going for her first run since well before Christmas, and when I pulled up to our designated meeting spot, it turned out my niece Madison had come along as well. Madison hasn’t really … Continue reading

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Shooting down excuses

Memo to self: Start a list of the 1,001 roadblocks that used to get in the way every time I used to think about starting a diet/exercise program. 1. I can’t go jogging because I live on a busy highway. … Continue reading

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The beginning jogger’s secret weapon

In the early days of my jogging program, when I was huffing and puffing and ready to die, I would sometimes “switch into low gear” — little more than a shuffle, really — rather than resort to walking. This used … Continue reading

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The jogging conundrum

Why do so many people hate to run? I think it’s because you need to run at least a couple of miles to experience the endorphin release known as a “runner’s high.” But you can’t go that far without training … Continue reading

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