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From the interview archives: ‘Normal People’ diet tips

What do so-called “normal people” — those who don’t struggle with their weight — do when the scale creeps up a few pounds or their favorite jeans get a big snug? Here are some answers to that question, which I … Continue reading

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Embrace the heat

Everybody quit griping already and see this heat wave for what it is: An opportunity to make some real headway if you’re trying to lose weight. Rowan was joking this week about being on the “horse show diet,” noting the … Continue reading

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Bagged omelets for brunch

We first read about these boiled omelets in Jeff Yeager’s  “The Cheapskate Next Door,” where they’re touted as a cheap and easy-to-mass-produce brunch that sucks up whatever odds and ends you have hanging about the fridge. An added benefit, from … Continue reading

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How ‘Normal People’ Eat: The Ultimate Cheapskate

Jeff Yeager is not only the Ultimate Cheapskate, he’s also an incredibly fit guy. He’s maintained his college weight, a resting pulse rate of 55 and 11 percent body fat* — all thanks to what he calls “Money Step Aerobics” … Continue reading

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