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Leading the weigh

I interviewed a 34-year Weight Watchers leader for my final column to appear in the print edition of The News-Sentinel, which will roll the presses for the last time Oct. 7 before going all-digital*. One of the things I admire … Continue reading

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Can nuts really help you lose weight?

Because I eat a big bag of cashews for lunch on Mondays, I try to stay away from nuts the rest of the week. But now I wonder if I shouldn’t be eating nuts more often. The conventional wisdom is … Continue reading

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A birthday without cake (or candles)

Sometime over the past year our son Ben surpassed me as the best cook in the house. He makes fantastic pies with homemade crusts, gives me advice on preparing roasts and rolls his eyes now at many of my attempts … Continue reading

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Taking crappy food out of circulation

Why is it that even though we see people all around us trying to make healthier food choices, the food we most often tote to a potluck or deposit in the office break room tends to be calorie-laden crap? I … Continue reading

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Eating with electrons in mind

Stress generates free radicals, which storm your body looking for an electron they can steal, leaving damaged cells in their wake. Antioxidants come equipped with an extra electron that can neutralize free radicals. Which means that … When you eat … Continue reading

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Handy dandy canning tool

Despite my interest in healthy eating, I’ve struggled to get over my aversion to intensive gardening. As a kid, getting sent out to pick endless rows of green beans felt more like punishment than anything to get excited about, especially … Continue reading

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