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Junk food as marathon fuel?

I just can’t do gels. I know they’re convenient and specially formulated and everything, but they remind me of a cross between snot and jelly beans, both of which gross me out. My usual long-run fuel has been homemade honey … Continue reading

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Would Michael Jordan scarf cookies before a 15-mile run?

It’s taken a long time for me to shake this ingrained mythology that serious athletes who burn thousands of calories in training basically get a free pass when it comes to eating. But watching the Indiana Pacers eke out a … Continue reading

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Honey balls (and a Newtons update)

“Must. Have. Better. Fuel.” This is what was going through my head the last few miles of Monday’s 20-miler, which went pretty well overall but was surely affected by the fact that I was conscious of my monthly Weight Watchers weigh-in … Continue reading

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My Cheerios running fuel ritual

You know how the Japanese can make a whole ritual out of making tea? Well, that’s how I am with Cheerios and peanut butter. It’s one of my favorite pre-run meals. In fact, I’d choose a Cheerios-studded spoonful of peanut … Continue reading

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