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Interview: Endurance swimmer Allison Ballard

It was fun to work with Allison Ballard, Ben and Colleen’s old Taiko drumming instructor, during an all-ages drumming circle class at the Unitarian church in Fort Wayne this summer. It was even cooler to discover that in addition to … Continue reading

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5 mistakes from my first triathlon (and 2 things I did right)

Even though I still don’t know enough to even recognize all the ways I screwed up in my first triathlon, I thought it might be helpful or at least cathartic to start compiling a list of mistakes I won’t make … Continue reading

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The try-athlon adventure

I didn’t know what to expect at my first triathlon, but I managed to meet my two primary goals: 1. I didn’t drown. 2. I didn’t come in last. Not quite, anyway. My sidestroke proved steady enough to take me … Continue reading

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