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Rookie runner finished 2 half marathons in 1st year

One of the suprises when I started attending Weight Watchers meetings again with my mom was that a regular I remembered from nearly three years ago, Sammi Cole,  had not only taken up running, but had finished two half marathons. … Continue reading

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The DIY mini marathon

So I’m effectively locked out of this year’s Parlor City Trot. Can’t get off work that day, and even if I could, Ben has a cross country meet at Manchester, where Rowan will be finishing up her first week of … Continue reading

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What if everyone were a runner?

Can you imagine how grand this planet would be if everyone were a runner?  Obesity? Not a problem.  Depression?  Never heard of it.  Sluggishness?  Get the hell out. — From Bart Yasso’s book, My Life on the Run: The Wit, … Continue reading

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The mini-marathon mind game

I’m still trying to figure out why my first mini marathon was so much fun. I expected pain and suffering. Instead, it felt like a 2½ hour adrenalin adventure. Was it the beet juice? My comfy road beaters*? My dad … Continue reading

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