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3 amazing people who lost 200 pounds each

I used to think a 100-pound weight loss was really something. But in the past three months, without necessarily setting out to do so, I’ve interviewed three people who’ve each lost at least 200 pounds. All three either live in … Continue reading

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Conquering ‘buffet nerves’

“In numerous experiments over the years, I’ve discovered that anything less than four trips to the buffet table leaves me feeling unfulfilled. I fully intended to get my usual four plates of food, but I was saving my carbs for … Continue reading

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Time to break out the infinite pie slice

I’ve been trying to decide whether to break out the infinite pie slice for Thanksgiving. Over the past year or so I’ve gotten away from some of those disciplinary diet tools on holidays and just enjoyed the day, figuring I’d … Continue reading

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Talisha the successful serial dieter

Every time I see Rowan’s friend Talisha, she’s on a new diet. But unlike most serial dieters, she’s actually making progress, having lost more than 60 pounds in an attempt to qualify for the military. A little over a year … Continue reading

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3 holiday eating tips (and a cold remedy)

Here are a couple of holiday diet tips that didn’t make it into this week’s News-Sentinel column: 1. My sister Traci says that when she goes to holiday parties, she decides whether she’s most interested in the meal or the … Continue reading

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From the interview archives: ‘Normal People’ diet tips

What do so-called “normal people” — those who don’t struggle with their weight — do when the scale creeps up a few pounds or their favorite jeans get a big snug? Here are some answers to that question, which I … Continue reading

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