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A great way to burn calories on a rest day

I know I need to rest my legs between now and Saturday’s 90-miler, and probably just take it easy in general. But for an enthusiastic eater like me who’s always focused on the calorie burn du jour, it’s frustrating to … Continue reading

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Treadmill trickery

I can’t wait to get my sister to try this treadmill workout I’ve been doing lately. I burn 100 calories during the first 8 minutes — and that’s just the warmup. Needing a tough workout to make goal at Weight … Continue reading

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The “unfair metabolism” principle

In a recent post I attempted to shoot down the “unfair metabolism” principle by suggesting that thinner people tend to have different eating patterns than heavier people, whether they realize it or not. I still think that’s true, and I … Continue reading

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Cranking up the calorie burn

I wasn’t thrilled, when this colder weather hit, to find myself increasingly running on a treadmill rather than my favorite jogging trail. But one of the cool things about hopping on a treadmill these days is that I don’t hesitate … Continue reading

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