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Blood at the Street Fair

My sister and I went for a run late yesterday morning before the official opening of the Bluffton Street Fair, and we thought it would be fun to finish up with a run down the main drag  of the fair. … Continue reading

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The DIY Mini-Marathon

What was I thinking, running a mini-marathon just four days before a sprint triathlon? Even more baffling, why did my sister agree to this deranged plan? The original concept was to run the Parlor City Trot Labor Day weekend, then … Continue reading

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Caramel apple sundae synthesis

You can’t blame the fake food industry for wanting to inject a little fall spirit into their lineup. Just don’t let them delude you into deducing that a caramel apple sundae is somehow better for you than a hot fudge … Continue reading

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Health class field trip to Bluffton Street Fair

The assignment:  Crunch the nutritional data on some typical festival desserts and find at least five alternatives to the king of the dietary disaster hill, the elephant ear. At one point, ordering one of those was standard operating procedure for … Continue reading

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A meandering run down memory lane

I couldn’t wait to take a running tour of my old college campus during the IU School of Journalism’s 100th anniversary. I didn’t bother planning a route. The idea was to just head out the door of the Grant Street … Continue reading

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The mini-marathon mind game

I’m still trying to figure out why my first mini marathon was so much fun. I expected pain and suffering. Instead, it felt like a 2½ hour adrenalin adventure. Was it the beet juice? My comfy road beaters*? My dad … Continue reading

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