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1 tiny change that’s made a big difference

“Writing is harder on my body than running is. I’m relaxed when I run. But when I write, I tend to hunch over my laptop, unconsciously flex certain random muscles, just basically distort my body into cramped, unnatural positions. Lately, … Continue reading

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A startling ‘use it or lose it’ realization

For years, this simple quad stretch was part of my pre-run routine. Then I got to feeling pressed for time and my stretching routine pretty much shrunk down to a single maneuver: that calf stretch where you push against your … Continue reading

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It’s never too late to get started

Is it more impressive to set a world record at 25 — or 95? Retired dentist Charles Eugster didn’t have an athletic background when he started working out … at age 85. The British-born Swiss citizen took up running and … Continue reading

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The best runner’s high: Breaking out of a slump

When I first started running with my little sister back in 2010, she had the advantage of being eight years younger and around 60 pounds lighter than I was. I was feeling lighter myself, having already lost about 30 pounds … Continue reading

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The long slow goodbye

With great difficulty, given the morphine drip, Annie-Bananie was struggling to keep her eyes open Sunday afternoon to acknowledge all the visiting family members. “Wie gehts?” asked Dad when he arrived with my brother Brian and his family, visiting from … Continue reading

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Learning to care about your future self

So there’s this really interesting study out that suggests the reason people have trouble changing their behavior to aid their future selves is because that person feels like a stranger to them. “In fact, when we think about ourselves in … Continue reading

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