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The try-athlon adventure

I didn’t know what to expect at my first triathlon, but I managed to meet my two primary goals: 1. I didn’t drown. 2. I didn’t come in last. Not quite, anyway. My sidestroke proved steady enough to take me … Continue reading

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When good things happen to good people

We were still caught up in homeschooling when I lost 90 pounds in 2010, and as the weight melted off and our kids began hanging out more, I started running periodically with one of the other moms from “Live and … Continue reading

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Indiana Trail 100 coming up, ready or not

My, how time flies when you’re not training for a hundred-mile race. I’d told Chad, the “well-padded guy” I met at my first triathlon — who turned out to be a running veteran and a race director, to boot — … Continue reading

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Interview: Gator Gallop race director Chad Ware

So here’s the background: The first guy I encounter at my first triathlon turns out to be the friendliest — and my primary competition at the back of the pack. He doesn’t laugh at my ridiculous garage sale mountain bike, … Continue reading

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Mid-year running goals re-evaluation

With 2012 nearly half over, I decided to review my goals for the year — and discovered I completely forgot about two of them: Exploring barefoot running and estimating the mileage on my old Adidas road beaters. As for the … Continue reading

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5 mistakes from my first triathlon (and 2 things I did right)

Even though I still don’t know enough to even recognize all the ways I screwed up in my first triathlon, I thought it might be helpful or at least cathartic to start compiling a list of mistakes I won’t make … Continue reading

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