How TV weather man lost 110 pounds

“When you’re heavy, you just don’t realize how awful you feel.”

– Greg Shoup, WANE-TV meteorologist, on his 110-pound weight loss.

greg shoup thin

Bob and I went to the local Soil and Water Conservation District dinner in February to hear longtime Fort Wayne TV weatherman Greg Shoup give what was purported to be a behind-the-scenes look at how the weather forecast is put together. Having spoken to him earlier for an article he was writing, Bob knew Shoup had an ulterior motive: He wanted to discuss climate change with local farmers. 

Watching Shoup in person, after having seen him on TV for nearly 30 years, I developed an ulterior motive of my own: Finding out how the heck had he lost so much weight. The guy in the body-hugging suit and the designer glasses at that dinner looked nothing like the beefy meteorologist I remembered from the tube.


At 6’2″ and 331 pounds, the old Greg Shoup resembled a retired NFL lineman. 

Because Shoup was having some serious difficulty moving around the stage that night, I wasn’t entirely sure his weight loss wasn’t related to some kind of illness. Turns out he has congenital arthritis. But, as I discovered when I later met up with Shoup at Catalyst Fitness on Getz Road, he doesn’t let that stop him from working out every afternoon after the midday broadcast.

Shoup cut sugar and calories to lose the weight over about 14 months; the workouts came afterward, when his doctor worried he was losing muscle along with the fat.

As he tells viewers — who these days ask him about his weight loss even more than they ask him about the upcoming forecast — “There is no secret” to his success other than dedication and hard work.

Though his tastes have changed now, he still has to be pretty careful about what he eats. These days, he tries to view food purely as fuel and not get caught up in eating for pleasure or entertainment.

He’s come to love his workouts, though.

“I like to call this my ‘hour of power,'” he said. 


Shoup follows up a cardio session on the elliptical with a series of exercises on the weight machines at Catalyst Fitness on Getz Road in Fort Wayne. 


To read more about Shoup’s weight loss, including a short video, check out today’s column at To read about what Shoup told Wells County farmers about climate change, check out Bob’s story for And to see more about Shoup delivering the weather, go to


Greg Shoup answering questions after the February dinner in Bluffton where he spoke to local farmers about climate change. Amusingly, the people in this photo that ran with Bob’s article just happen to be my great uncle and aunt, Ken and Carolyne Isch.

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