Our new Sunday workout: The ‘wall ball shuffle’


My sister Traci saw this killer core workout at a tennis coaches’ seminar in Indianapolis a few weeks ago. Naturally she felt compelled to buy an oversized medicine ball of her own, and now our Sunday dinners at my parents’ house are invariably preceded by a couple sets of the “wall ball shuffle.”

It’s pretty simple: Basically, the person doing the workout shuffles back and forth, catching the heavy ball and tossing it back. It’s way more grueling than it appears; we set the timer for 30 seconds and we’re always glad when it goes off. The ball tosser gets fairly gassed as well, so we usually rotate through and take a turn at both spots. (To see the video version of Traci and Madison doing this workout, click here.)


Madison rotates into the ball tosser spot and Colleen takes a turn as the “shuffler.” . 

Traci got her ball at Dick’s Sporting Goods for around $70; you can get them on Amazon in a variety of sizes and a pretty huge price range – up to 150 pounds for just under $500!





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3 Responses to Our new Sunday workout: The ‘wall ball shuffle’

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Tisch, I noticed that I’m the first one to like this post, and that’s rare, especially a few days after it was posted – it didn’t make my feed (I checked twice). I don’t know if something funny happened when you posted it, but your posts always make my feed….

    Cool post – kind of reminds me a little of pickle for baseball.

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