Editing inferior pizza out of my diet


little caesars heroin

When I saw my husband’s tweet about this disgusting case at an Indiana Little Caesar’s last month, I wondered if I’d finally had my fill of this particular brand of budget pizza.

Just because a heroin user with open sores and hepatitis C was making food sans gloves at one Little Caesar’s doesn’t mean the same thing’s happening at our local outpost, of course. But it was yet another reminder that fast food, regardless of how much fat and calories are involved, is often made by folks who don’t care much about the cuisine they’re preparing. Given that I’m always on the lookout for motivation to improve my diet by editing out so-so food – especially if it’s of questionable nutrient value – I wondered if it was time to end my inner cheapskate’s reliance on Little Caesar’s as a weeknight convenience meal.

I wasn’t sure I could give it up, to be honest. With only four of us home for dinner these days, a $5 dinner already prepared has A LOT of appeal.

Over the past month, though, I’m at least 4-for-4 on managing to talk myself out of making a Little Caesar’s stop. And the longer I resist the impulse, the easier it is to imagine life without it.

The thing is, we already eat homemade pizza at least once a week as it is. And my whole wheat cheese pizza is only 7 of the old-fashioned Weight Watchers points for TWO slices. Given that I make the dough up ahead of time, it’s pretty close to a convenience food anyway.

At some point I decided to stick $5 in an envelope for every time I resisted the impulse to buy Little Caesar’s, and now there’s twenty bucks in that envelope. While on some level it drives my inner cheapskate nuts to know that would only buy one splurge-worthy pizza instead of four budget pizzas … I must also acknowledge that we hardly ever splurge on good pizza.

So, for the same cost as we were spending on frequent inferior pizza, we could now occasionally have splurge-worthy pizza.  Plus we’d have the added satisfaction of knowing we were supporting local businesses – who presumably pay more attention to things like intravenous drug use and open sores in the kitchen than out-of-town chain operators do.

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1 Response to Editing inferior pizza out of my diet

  1. bgddyjim says:

    First, I doubt it was a corporate store, those tend to be run by the books. Probably a franchise. That said, dude!

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