Colleen’s concert review: Addison Agen


Addison Agen in concert at Fort Wayne’s Embassy Theatre on Jan. 21, 2018.

Guest post by Colleen, age 15

I used to play tennis and kick the can and go skateboarding with Addison Agen. Sunday night, I watched her on stage at Fort Wayne’s gorgeous Embassy Theatre, playing the second of two sold-out shows for her “Welcome Home” concert after finishing runner-up on NBC’s The Voice in December.

Addison put on one heck of a show, alternating her “Voice” hits with her own original songs on acoustic guitar. There was even a special guest performance with Karli Webster from “The Voice,” who came out to do their “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” duet from the battle round on the show. I was floored by how little difference there was from her televised performances to her live show. She is an amazing singer with a powerful voice that really draws in the audience, yet she still seemed like the same person I remembered, joking and goofing with the audience like we were just hanging out in a really big coffee shop.

It’s kind of weird to become a fan of someone who started out as a friend. Mom and I had diligently followed her performance on “The Voice,” watching her performance every Monday and voting for her online. (In fact, it was the first time in my life I had a regularly scheduled time to watch a tv show.) It was clear from the beginning that she was extremely talented and would make it to the finals. But on the show, she only sang other people’s songs.

Last night we got to hear her own songs, and I have to say that her songwriting ability is, if possible, even more impressive than her singing. The meaningful lyrics combine with the music to create something truly special. As a band nerd myself, I can get picky about music. But some of Addison’s songs would make the top of my list.  

It would be nice to post a video from the concert last night but of course we don’t have smartphones around here so we didn’t take any video, nor does my mom pay for the blog package that allows her to post videos. But here’s a link to one of my favorites:


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