When good things happen to good people

tinea and addison

My fellow homeschooling mom and sometime running buddy Tinea waits for her daughter Addison (in the red dress) to finish up an interview backstage at NBC’s “The Voice” a few weeks ago. Tonight Addison is one of four finalists competing to win season 13. 

We were still caught up in homeschooling when I lost 90 pounds in 2010, and as the weight melted off and our kids began hanging out more, I started running periodically with one of the other moms from “Live and Learn,” a small Fort Wayne-based homeschooling group.

Tinea’s energy level and positivity were cranked up so high it was almost intoxicating to be around her. She was the inspiration for my series of “How Normal People Eat” blog interviews, and she was the one who talked me into trying my first sprint triathlon back in 2012. Though she hurt her back the week of the competition and had to withdraw, Tinea showed up for the event and stayed to the end to cheer me on, even though I was among the last finishers.

Tonight we’re cheering on Tinea’s daughter Addison, now 16 and one of four finalists on NBC’s “The Voice.” Like her mom, she’s a gifted singer and musician. (Check out this blog post to get a sense of Tinea’s energy on stage with her old Fort Wayne band, Vinyl Ritchie, at a special needs prom we helped out with back in the day).

Addison just keeps getting better and better throughout these weeks of live competition on “The Voice,” thanks to the coaching of first Miley Cyrus and then Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, with whom she’ll be performing a duet tonight. (On tomorrow night’s show, in which this season’s winner is unveiled, she’ll be singing with Norah Jones. Is that incredible or what?)  

Talented as she is, what’s really inspiring about Colleen’s old homeschooling friend is what a fantastic role model she’s becoming for teenage girls.

Among Tinea’s many behind-the-scenes updates she’s been posting on Facebook, this one really stands out:

“In front of all these cameras and one stage set up with 500 different mirror angles, addison has never once mentioned anything about how she looks. She has NOT ONCE self criticized or held judgement against herself. Other crew members have mentioned how other young adults usually go into self-defeating words and become too overly sensitive or critical about themselves. I LOVE that about addison. I am so proud of that!! She is who she is and God makes no junk!”

Tonight we’ll be cheering on Addison and voting as many times as we possibly can. (If you’re interested in voting, detailed instructions are below.)

But whether or not you watch or vote, I’ve got a feeling you’ll be hearing the name Addison Agen in the future. And when you do, know that she’s not just a fantastic singer-songwriter-musician – she’s a quality human being as well.

How to vote:

Every time you go to Apple Music and listen to her LIVE songs, she gains points. Monday night you will need to buy her cover song on ITunes AND her Unpublished cover song(they call that an original) on ITunes. Plus all the other ways of voting on the Voice app (10 times per email), Facebook and NBC.com (10 times each with all emails) on Xfinity.com ( you don’t need an account with them). Stream each of her songs on Apple Music for 10 more votes. Also stream all day long today for overall votes. Thank you everyone!!

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    thanks your sharing.. “How Normal People Eat” i like this but difficult for me

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