‘Death cleaning’ turns up lost ‘How Normal People Eat’ interviews

Dostadning is the Swedish term for “death cleaning,” decluttering your stuff as you get older so that you don’t burden your relatives with piles of junk they have no idea what to do with.

I hope I’ve got a few decades left, but I figure I better get started now if I want to have any chance of achieving that goal.  Technically this blog doesn’t count; there’s plenty of room for clutter in cyberspace. But when it starts bugging even me how hard it is to find anything on here, I figure it’s time to tidy things up a bit.

One of the first things I did when I started this blog, way more than 1,000 posts ago, was start hectoring everyone I knew who didn’t seem to have a problem with food how they did it.

I was obsessed with how “normal” people ate – and whether we were just wired differently, or if there was something I could learn from them.

Many people I talked to really did seem almost alien in their nonchalance about food. But I wasn’t looking for differences that I could point to as an excuse. I wanted to learn to do what they did, if I could.

Those interviews yielded food-management tips and analogies I still rely on today, seven years later. Sometimes it wasn’t so much a specific idea as just trying to emulate someone’s attitude that proved helpful, at least in the short term.

As I sorted through a hodgepodge of posts on my bloated and disorganized “interviews” page, I kept stumbling across interviews I’d forgotten all about. There were others I remembered doing, but couldn’t find.

I ultimately came up with more than half a dozen “How Normal People Eat” interviews that had been lost to blog clutter. You can find them on the “How Normal People Eat” page under the tab at the upper left of the blog.

Next up in the Dostadning process: Finding the posts where I analyzed trends and patterns from all those interviews. Maybe then I will finally achieve Spark Joy, the feeling that Japanese author Marie Kondo describes in her followup book to the bestselling The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

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