Rowan’s ‘mermaid’ smoothie

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This is Colleen. My big sister Rowan got to come home this weekend! She was showing me a picture of this amazing-looking Mermaid protein smoothie she made last week. Isn’t it pretty?

The ingredients, except for the star fruit, dragon fruit and blueberries on top (“to make it pretty for Instagram”), are banana, ice, almond milk and spirulina, which is some kind of seaweed “superfood,” That’s why it’s called a Mermaid smoothie, get it? 

Me being a science nerd, naturally I had to find out more about this mysterious green powder.  (Rowan got hers off Amazon. It’s pretty expensive, though, like around $20.)


This is the kind Rowan got. It’s grown in California. 

It turns out that it is a kind of blue-green algae that is super-high in protein, iron, calcium and B vitamins. It contains a powerful antioxidant called gamma linolenic acid (GLA), which is hard to find in foods. It’s also high in chlorophyll, which is apparently good at flushing heavy metals from your body. 

Rowan said the spirulina “smells bad but it doesn’t taste too bad.” And so now Mom is of course investigating. (She always gripes at me for not eating enough veggies.)

I highly doubt our Mermaid smoothies will look as pretty as Rowan’s, though.


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