Annie’s 7-year, 200-pound weight-loss journey

Annie Giddens started her weight-loss journey about the same time I did, in January 2010. Seven years later, she’s lost 218 pounds, with “six or seven” to go.

I met Annie last week, during an interview for this week’s News-Sentinel column, and was instantly inspired by her determination to not only keep going, but to keep getting better — stronger, faster, healthier.

Annie had every excuse to fail. She was a single mom working long hours. She had A LOT of weight to lose. At one point, during a stressful period, she put 55 pounds back on. But she kept going, and she’s changed up both her diet and her training as needed over the years to stay motivated.

Now 42, the same age her dad was when he died of a cerebral aneurysm caused by hypertension and atherosclerosis, she eats and trains like the hardcore CrossFit athlete she’s become.

If you could use a fresh dose of inspiration to revive your New Year’s determination, check out Annie’s story here.


Here’s Annie competing in a CrossFit competition in Fort Wayne last August. She hoisted 115 pounds in that exercise; her three-woman team placed second overall. 



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