Using ‘workout mode’ to tackle an unpleasant task

Why is it that I can embrace all kinds of pure fitness workouts, but I have to trick myself into a grueling, cumbersome task like getting out the heavy 12-foot step ladder and cleaning gutters?

When our son’s not off at college, this is his job. He would’ve been amazed to see his mom carrying and then setting up that monster ladder all by herself. Here’s what got me over the hump: The whole time, I was pretending some drill sergeant of a CrossFit coach was hollering orders.

This was easily my toughest workout of the week. Just sweeping all the sticks off the roof (along with some stubborn moss clinging to a few shingles on the north side) took a lot longer and much more energy than I expected. Then using my arms to hoist myself up and scoot my butt across the edge of the roof so I could reach down and clean the gutters was another CrossFit-worthy activity unto itself.

I would’ve MUCH rather used those two hours to go for a run instead. But it was one heck of an upper-body workout, and the only person I had to nag about finishing the job properly was myself.

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