The ‘FitBit effect’on a family gathering

When we arrived at my parents’ house for dinner yesterday, four or five people who on any other given Sunday might be planted around a chip bowl trying out a new dip were zooming around the house racking up FitBit steps instead.

As more people joined the procession, and it got harder to talk as walkers spread out over the three-room “course,” at one point no less than 10 people were circling the family room table at once so we could make up plans for a treadmill challenge.


There are “only” 8 people circling the table in this photo, but at one point at least two more were in on this “walking conference meeting.”

The idea was to see who could accumulate the most mileage in one of two categories: 10 minutes at a 10% incline or 15 minutes at 15%. It’s based on a recent YMCA challenge I wanted to repeat on a weekly basis, and this seemed the perfect environment to try it in.

Though the workout proved harder to replicate because the treadmills are set up differently – the bar on Dad’s is in an awkward spot at such a sharp incline – we quickly adapted the challenge to a “no hands allowed” format that’s tougher to do and cuts down on speed dramatically but will allow for more improvement over time.

My niece Madison hit the 30,000 steps mark yesterday to win that challenge, and my nephew Mason won the 10-minute treadmill challenge at .669 mile.

Ultimately it’s not so much who wins any given Sunday, but how much people are able to improve their scores each week. (The results were entered on a spreadsheet so we could track our progress.) It will be fun to see if we keep this up.


My niece Madison, left, won the daily walking challenge by passing the 30,000 step mark. Mason, right, won the treadmill challenge. But we’ll see if he can defend his title next week!

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4 Responses to The ‘FitBit effect’on a family gathering

  1. zoeforman says:

    FitBitFamily at its best – well done folks ✅

  2. bgddyjim says:

    Dig it! Too cool, Tisch.

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