Holiday food log 23-24: Race day munchies


Boy, were we relieved to be done with this race! The snowy woods was beautiful but exhausting, especially with all those hills.  

You know a trail race is gonna be tough when your car has trouble making it there on icy roads. We finally arrived at the HUFF about half an hour before the start, but had to trek half a mile through the snow to pick up our packets. I was in the portajohn when I heard Race Director Mitch Harper give the countdown to start the race.

My sister Traci and I had signed up for 10-mile “fun run” instead of the 50K this time, and we were really glad we did, because wading through several inches of snow – often uphill – was exhausting, not to mention disorienting.

“This feels like trying to run while you’re drunk!” Traci shouted. Everyone around us agreed, including the large doe that scrambled out of the bushes and staggered across the trail right in front of us.


I almost didn’t get a “baked potato blanket” at the finish, then went back after I started shivering. In our wet clothes, we couldn’t get warm the entire ride home. Definitely should’ve changed after the race!

This race was particularly tough on my sore heel, which felt like it had embedded glass inside. I suspect it’s plantar fasciitis. Now that we’re past the HUFF, I’ll likely take the next week or so off from running. But after the way I ate yesterday, I’ve got to come up with an alternative exercise plan.

Given all the calories we burned trudging through that snow, my plan was to aim for a calorie deficit. And I think I might have stayed on that track if we’d gone past the aid station with the homemade turtles. I was really looking forward to that – there’s nothing like eating gourmet chocolate in the middle of a winter trail race – but our 10-mile course took us a different way. Exhausted and limping around on my sore heel the rest of the day, I kept reaching for something that might taste as good as that fabled turtle. Here’s the damage report:

PBJ with a banana around 4 a.m.

Protein bar as we arrived at the race.


“This race was like trying to run up 10 miles of sand dunes!” was my sister’s assessment. So true.  

Gatorade and a handful of peanut M&Ms during the race.

Black bean soup, a small homemade cookie and a cup of craft beer in the runner’s tent afterward.

Starbuck’s oatmeal cookie and a black coffee on the ride home.

The day could still have been salvaged at this point, because Traci and I avoided a stop for Heyerly’s donuts, primarily because we didn’t feel like crawling out of the car unnecessarily.  But once I got home, mindless munching commenced:

A big bowl of bran flakes with banana

Two homemade molasses cookies.

Two Christmas cookies.

Two or three pieces of garlic cheese.

For dinner I had a turkey cheeseburger on a homemade wheat roll with homemade vegetable soup and two MGD low-carb beers.

Later in the evening I had microwave popcorn, and then, later still, I had the misfortune to notice that Ben and Colleen had brought some homemade Christmas chocolate back from Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Finally, after about a zillion calories, I had my turtle. (Two of them, actually.)

Friday’s pre-race menu:

Thanks to two unscheduled Christmas cookies – at 250 calories each – I found myself at 1,550 calories after lunch. My plan was to have a big plate of broccoli and two boiled eggs for dinner, but I succumbed to the pasta I’d made for everyone else. I didn’t feel too bad about going over my calorie total with a grueling race scheduled for the next day, but now after back-to-back overeating days, I’m gonna have to be really careful at today’s Christmas party on my mom’s side of the family.  

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