Holiday food log #19-20: Salvaging a day that seemed doomed


This stuff is so creamy and decadent, I can’t keep myself from eating all 8 ounces – and on Tuesday I had TWO! Guess it’s better than keeping Ben and Jerry’s in the house, but now I only buy it when it’s a super good deal. 

How do you salvage a day when you’ve already had 1,000-plus calories before 9 a.m.?

This holiday food log has really clarified something I already suspected: Tuesdays are a problem.  I typically have a really light dinner on Mondays, following a specific meal script, and then the next morning I want to EAT. Yesterday I had my version of “cherry cheesecake” – a 290-calorie container of that high-fat tart cherry Noosa Aussie yogurt with 2T of ground flax seed – followed by two slices of leftover thin crust Pizza Hut cheese pizza, followed by another “cherry cheesecake.”

It was 8:30 a.m., and I was already at 1,080 calories!

Having noted my Tuesday fail problem, however, I was determined not to let it happen again. Noting that I still had room for one of my favorite prerun snacks – PBJ with banana on two slices of Healthy Goodness bread (320 calories would take me to 1400) – I resolved to save that for an hour before my 2 p.m. run.

Mission accomplished. Unfortunately, I added a bonus banana wrapped in a second slice of bread for an additional 135 calories, taking me to 1535. A problem, given that I was shooting for a 1600ish total on a day that included a 4-mile run.

The solution: Dinner was a 12-oz, 120-calorie bag of microwaved frozen chopped broccoli.


This bag contains 200 percent of a day’s worth of Vitamin C. 

I used to feel funny about eating an entire bag of veggies all by myself. But hey, it’s filling, gives me four veggie servings all at once, and it typically costs only a buck. On a day that looked like I was headed for another bender, it was just what I needed.

Monday’s food log: Half a cup of almonds for breakfast, grilled chicken salad with two glasses of red wine for a Mexican restaurant lunch, and 4 oz of cheese, a few carrot sticks and an apple for dinner.

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3 Responses to Holiday food log #19-20: Salvaging a day that seemed doomed

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Nice work! First thing that came to mind was ride more and faster, but that doesn’t work to well this time of year.

  2. tischcaylor says:

    Thanks! Forgot to mention that I also threw in a 10-minute circuit workout in addition to those four chilly miles. Still not used to running on the slick stuff…can’t imagine riding on it!

  3. OmniRunner says:

    I usually don’t break the bank in the morning. I’ve given up muffins for the holidays. They must be 400 calories each and don’t keep me full for long.
    I usually break the bank in the evening after a few beers. The beers are bad enough, but a bowl of chips with guacamole are killer. Even though it is the holiday season, I’ve decided not to drink every night in an attempt to keep my holiday weight gain under control.
    So far so good.
    Holiday races and gym workouts have helped a lot also. So keep on running!

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