Holiday food log day 16: Triumph over temptation


Sometimes the holiday season feels like a trip around a giant Candyland game board. Yesterday’s challenge was making it through the homemade molasses sugar cookie trap, then staring down the decadent display of goodies at the Tim Horton’s where I stopped to grab a coffee after a doctor’s appointment. (Why is there a bakery inside a hospital, of all places?)

I was the cookie culprit, stirring up a batch of dough in an attempt to show the girls I was finally getting in the Christmas spirit (and also to use up the last of a bottle of molasses in the cupboard). Usually when I make cookies these days I just mix up the batter and store it in the fridge, so that we only bake what we intend to eat. I baked myself two cookies yesterday afternoon. They were absolutely delicious, and I was not “done” when I finished them. But since there weren’t any more sitting there ready to eat, I ate a couple of apples instead. And those apples were so sweet-tart tasty I quickly forgot about the cookies. Besides, it was time to go pick up Cass for her appointment.

As for Tim Horton’s, I must admit the conquest eater in me has been plotting for a while now to “investigate” the lineup there. This chain is relatively new to Fort Wayne, and I wasn’t even sure what was on the menu. One of these days, I’m going to save up a day’s worth of calories and/or Weight Watchers points and go have my way with whatever catches my eye. But I knew I didn’t have that kind of maneuvering room yesterday, especially after those cookies, so I reminded myself I was on a scouting mission, nothing more.

In a way, there was almost too much to choose from. My eyes didn’t fixate on any one sugar bomb. So I will continue biding my time on that one.

By my calculations, I managed to make it through the day with 1450 calories:

Breakfast: Small homemade whole wheat roll (150) with 12 chocolate chips (35) and 1 T peanut butter (100) — let’s make it 300 in case I lowballed the roll.

Lunch: PB&J (150) with banana (100) on two slices of Healthy Goodness bread (70). 320 for lunch, 620 total.

Meal-sized snack: 2 homemade molasses cookies (100 each) with 2 apples (100 each) and ½ cup plain almond milk (30). 430, 1050.

Dinner: Large bowl of bran flakes (220) with banana (100) and skim milk (80). 400, 1450.

When I run this by my sister on this morning’s run, she’ll say this was way too many carbs. But I’m OK with just going by calories once in a while, especially if it allows me to have a holiday treat and not get off track.

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1 Response to Holiday food log day 16: Triumph over temptation

  1. Tony says:

    I think having a holiday treat and not getting off track is a good way to go. Remember – moderation – and you will be fine. It sounds like you are keeping your long term goal of good health clearly in sight, so you should be okay. Keep up the good work!

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