Holiday food log Days 10-11: Feast & famine

It’s funny what you can scrounge to eat when you haven’t been to the grocery store in a while. On Saturday, I found a container of cooked quinoa in the back of the freezer and a partial can of Asian barbecued baked beans in the fridge. I dumped the beans on the quinoa, popped it in the microwave, and was good til the middle of the afternoon, when I had an apple with peanut butter. Up to my elbows in a project, I didn’t get around to making dinner. Colleen and I had microwaved popcorn. I think maybe Bob and Cassie had Raisin Bran.

Sunday was just the opposite. It was my niece Kyla’s 4th birthday party, so it was appetizers all afternoon and then grilled shrimp for dinner. Before we went over there I’d had a banana, apple and a “banana hotdog” (wrapped in a piece of bread like a bun) with extra peanut butter and chocolate chips. Then at the party I was in low-carb mode for some reason – just as a limiting factor, I guess – and ate tons of black olives, veggies and cheese. For dinner I had FOUR skewers of grilled shrimp, green beans and cottage cheese. I really wanted to avoid dessert, because my brother Brian has lost a ton of weight lately – like, upwards of 50 pounds – and I wanted to uphold his good example. I successfully avoided Kyla’s ice cream cake but then caved when I brought out the decorated chocolate chip cookie for Ben’s birthday. He turns 19 today, and he was headed back to college and so we gave him his presents yesterday. (I would wish him Happy Birthday, but I know he won’t read this.)

My holiday run streak hit a snag over the weekend. I hate to just abandon it, since I like to get in some fun December runs and I’m afraid I won’t without the streak. So how I’m going to handle that is, start back up today and have Colleen design a “penalty” workout to make up for the day I missed. Works for me. 

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