Holiday food log Days 8-9: Running fuel

Is there any better running fuel than peanut butter stirred into oatmeal? Yesterday I had that for both breakfast and an early lunch (along with 7-8 dates) before meeting my sister for a hilly 10-miler along the Wabash River east of Vera Cruz.

Afterward I was super hungry and could hardly wait to pry the lid off a can of tuna for a tuna-cheese melt on Healthy Goodness bread. That was 3 p.m. By dinner, feeling hungry again but not wanting to dive headfirst into the mac and cheese, I microwaved a 12-oz pkg of frozen broccoli with 3-4 oz colby cheese. I’ll have to remember that works pretty well as a mac and cheese substitute. Cheesy but more substantial as well as more nutritious. 

I’m a little disappointed that I’m already a couple of days into December but haven’t had any particularly festive food. In fact, I’ve been so busy wrapping up a project that I’ve hardly bought groceries this week.

As for Thursday’s menu: I like to fold a banana into a slice of bread like a hot dog bun, and I had two of those for breakfast. Lunch was a ham and mustard sandwich. My afternoon prerun snack was peanut butter and a banana on an English muffin and I downed two slices of Little Caesar’s pepperoni pizza for dinner. The only problem was, the long run we’d planned never happened because  my sister texted to say she was held up at the orthodontist’s office. I wound up running the obligatory holiday run streak mile instead, and came away feeling like I’d had too many carbs for the amount of exercise I got. (Out of curiosity I tallied up the Weight Watchers points and came up with 28. My old “weight maintenance” number was 24.)

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2 Responses to Holiday food log Days 8-9: Running fuel

  1. I’m currently on almond butter. Weird how I sometimes go trough peanut butter and then almond phases. Today on my run the almond butter jelly spelt sandwich was the best food I have eaten in my life lol. Probably the air and hill more than the sandwich, but just perfect. Just wish I would love banana like you seem to.

  2. tischcaylor says:

    I keep thinking I can’t afford almond butter, but maybe that’s just a mindset because I do “splurge” on more expensive healthy cooking oils now. I would trade my love of bananas for the scenery where you run. Sound fair?

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