Holiday Food Log Day 7: In search of ‘normal’

What – and how – do “normal” people eat? This was a question that obsessed me in the early days of my weight loss, and I surveyed a whole bunch of people I knew trying to find the answer to that question.

Eventually I gave up on ever being a normal eater and decided to just embrace my little diet games as a personal quirk. But every now and then I like to see if I can pull off a normal looking food log, and Wednesday was that day.

Breakfast was an egg, cheese and ham on an English muffin.

Morning snack: an apple and carrots.

Lunch: A PB&J with a banana.

Afternoon snack: ⅓ cup walnuts.

Dinner was where I almost lost it. I was unusually hungry for that time of day, probably because I was supposed to meet my sister for a rare evening run. I devoured a package of frozen broccoli with cheese, then had three small baked potatoes.

Was this ‘normal’? It was certainly a large amount of broccoli. Three baked potatoes sounds weird, but altogether they were only about the size of a regular “baker.” I wouldn’t have batted an eye fretting about overdoing it on veggies when I was losing weight, so I decided this was my normal.

Holiday run streak: We had a great 4-mile run on the new north extension of the Greenway in Bluffton. I know it was fast because I came down with a bad case of running rhinitis afterward, and that usually only happens during cold weather races. So we’ve now had two brisk 4-milers after three straight busy days with just 1 mile each. With the Galloping Gobbler, that puts me at 15 miles for the streak. Not great, but at least I haven’t missed a day.

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