Holiday food log Day 3

eattoliveMy plan for Saturday was to follow the guidelines in Dr. Joel Furhman’s Eat to Live. I used to think this was way too restrictive for me, especially on a weekend. But given how much I enjoy some of the all-natural, fruit-sweetened desserts in that book and a second one, The End of Dieting, I now find myself forward looking to it.

The only problem in the past has been pretty much the usual – eating too much of a good thing. This is one of those diets where the premise is, if you only eat these healthy foods and nothing else, you will lose weight. Maybe so, but I can eat a whole batch of chocolate ice bean or those fruit-sweetened oatmeal cookies I wrote about recently with no problem whatsoever.

Yesterday that wasn’t an issue, and I can only think that scrambling to finish up a project I was immersed in and – more importantly, knowing I was going to blog about what I ate – reined me in.

Breakfast, around 6 a.m.: a thick slice of homemade whole wheat bread with peanut butter and sliced banana.

Lunch, around noon: Three apples, two of which I halved and put peanut butter in the hollowed-out core. This was so good, in part because I kept thinking about how this was like nature’s Reese Cup or even, stretching my overactive imagination a bit further, those “caramel core” Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors we had at my parents’ place last weekend.

Afternoon snack: 2 celery sticks, one with peanut butter, and a navel orange.

Dinner, around 5:30 p.m.: A bowl of black bean quinoa soup and a baked sweet potato. This was also so good, and super easy since I made the soup at some point in the distant past and only had to thaw it from the freezer. It also wound up seeming like a really generous portion, because I was able to ladle soup from my bowl onto the potato twice before I finished it and then still had some soup left to follow up with. I also munched on the leftover sweet potato fries, having made too much because there were only three of us home for dinner last night.

I’d been planning all day to make chocolate ice bean for dessert, but didn’t get around to it. (And you have no idea how unusual it is for me to “not get around to” eating something I love. Again, gotta credit this holiday food blog. And the fact that I didn’t have much of a run, probably, since that would’ve made me hungrier.)

Holiday run streak: 20-minute jog. 😦





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