A new challenge (and much needed diversion) for the holidays


My sister-in-law Darcy showed up with 11 different kinds of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for dessert last night at my parents’ house. Would I have handled this situation differently if I knew I was committed to posting my daily food log?

The past few years I’ve done a holiday run streak from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. This year, in addition to making sure I run at least 1 mile every day during that period, I’m also going to blog my food log.

The hope is that I make better food decisions, knowing I’ll be recording my daily intake in a pseudo-public space. But I also think it will be kind of interesting. Having fun with my daily  eating plan is the biggest key to how well I control intake. My worst days, as I’ve told my sister numerous times when we troubleshoot our dietary struggles during our runs, are when I don’t have a plan. Or when I’m bored.

I don’t really have time for this right now, as I’m hustling to finish up a fairly consuming writing project. But I tend to track my intake most days, anyway, so it shouldn’t take too much extra time to just put that on the blog. I may not post every day, but I’ll catch up on any missed days when I do post.

The plan is to start this food diary on Thanksgiving, though I likely won’t post anything until Friday. Here’s hoping everybody reading this has a happy Thanksgiving, with good times to go along with good food.


My niece Madison tried one spoonful of all 11 flavors, including Green Tea.



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