Going on a zombie chase


Colleen was a member of the zombie crew, while Cassie was a human in her first 5k. 

A zombie chase is such a great way to celebrate Halloween. All ages can participate, and it’s fitness based instead of candy-oriented.

At the inaugural event held over the weekend at Ouabache State Park, human runners wearing flag football-style belts were given a 90-second head start on a 5K route through the park. Then the zombie runners were unleashed to chase down and grab the humans’ flags.

Once you lost both flags you were technically “dead,” but that didn’t mean your race was over. You still had to finish the 5K, with a dozen or so zombies lying in wait in the woods to jump out and startle you along the way.

The fun concept convinced our daughter Cassie to participate in her first 5K. She hadn’t trained at all, so it was mostly a walk, though she did her best to outrun the zombies early on.

It’s probably a good thing I agreed to accompany her rather than try to run for time because I arrived from another event just a couple of minutes before the race and never got a chance to visit the bathroom beforehand, much less change out of my strapless bra. (I wondered if I’d have to do the race in the sundress I’d been wearing, but I managed to quickly pull on a T-shirt and shorts in the back of the car.)

Colleen participated as a zombie, though Cass and I were long dead by the time she caught up with and passed us. We finished “dead” last, but Cass felt good about finishing her first 5K.



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2 Responses to Going on a zombie chase

  1. Carri says:

    Totally unrelated to this post (although the race looks pretty fun, and congrats to the girl who did her first 5k). I saw you did the MapleLeaf Indoor Marathon. I am contemplating doing it next year. Would you please contact me: Carri @ cmassau@yahoo.com. Thank you in advance. 🙂

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