Endings … and beginnings

I haven’t run with my sister in what seems like forever. In fact, I haven’t done much running lately, period, between working on the house for Ben’s grad party and finishing up a bunch of writing assignments. But Traci called Saturday to ask about bringing some tables over, and as we started comparing notes on party plans we decided it made a lot more sense to meet up for a quick run to talk about this stuff rather than just gabbing about it over the phone.

Neither of us felt like running on the Greenway. When Traci remembered that the Indiana State Parks were rolling weekend admission prices back to the 1916 rate in honor of their 100th anniversary, that settled it: Just a dime to get in.

Traci had a new phone app called Running for Weight Loss that was perfect for taking our minds off  how out of shape we might be. It told us what to do when – walk, jog or sprint – gave us encouragement and periodic updates on time and distance, and basically freed us up to figure out the party menu. (We’re doing a baked potato bar.)

Last week I tried a time-crunch running plan of simply carving out 30 minutes a day on the treadmill. The first two days, feeling motivated, I tried to see how far I could go in that time. The third day was complete chaos and I didn’t even get home until late at night, but I made myself walk for 30 minutes even though I could barely keep my eyes open. Unfortunately, that plan got derailed on Day 4. But I’m glad to add it, along with Traci’s app, to my repertoire.

Yesterday Ben graduated from high school. Tonight Rowan leaves for her new job in South Carolina. Tomorrow we take Ben to Trine University to register for fall classes. With all the excitement and nostalgia going on around here, I need to keep up some kind of running plan to keep my stress levels in check.


Our two oldest kids are finishing up one phase of their lives and preparing to start on the next chapter.  


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1 Response to Endings … and beginnings

  1. Sandra says:

    wow, that is a lot for a momma to deal with! 🙂

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