Another one for the food log hall of fame

Every so often a memorable eating day aligns with a meaningful life event in such a way that I know I’ll always associate one with the other.

For example, I still remember the day in 2012 when the temperature hit a record-tying 106 degrees as “the ice cream diet” day. I had ice cream five times that day while still managing to stick to my diet (I was counting Weight Watchers points at the time) and wound up a pound lighter the following day. Now I usually set up a similar “ice cream diet” day at least once every summer, just for fun.

Friday’s food log was another winner in the “having fun while while winning the diet day” department. And now I’ll always associate this diet “win” with that night’s sectional game in which Ben’s high school baseball team beat one of the state’s best pitchers to advance to today’s championship game.

For three innings Norwell’s batters couldn’t even hit a foul ball off of IU recruit Andrew Saalfrank. Our 22-2 team is ranked fourth in the state’s 3A polls because of our power hitting, but it was ultimately some persistent small-ball tactics – including a crucial steal home on a suicide-squeeze bunt – that earned our guys the win.

I’ll always remember that game as one of the most exciting I’ve ever seen at any level, including childhood trips to see Johnny Bench and Pete Rose and the rest of the “Big Red Machine” in Cincinnati.

And when I do, I’ll also remember that was the day I had FOUR bags of microwave popcorn (94% fat free) and HALF A CARTON a carton of Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom ice cream (fat free, no sugar added) topped with uncooked oats, one of my favorite ice cream toppings. I was doing a retro Weight Watchers Points day, which is kind of unusual for me these days. Even with a 6-inch Subway egg white sub and a celebratory McDonald’s cone after the game, I made my points quota. It wasn’t exactly what you’d call healthy eating, but it was a fun change of pace. And, just like the Ice Cream Diet day, I was down a pound the next morning.


Bob and I with Ben on senior night recently. Today could be his last high school baseball game, as their opponent is one of only two teams to hang a loss on them this season. One of the consequences of being on such a talented squad is that he’s had  to accept a smaller role than he expected. But he’s had a great team-first attitude that makes us both proud.


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5 Responses to Another one for the food log hall of fame

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Points for getting the baseball lingo right, Tisch. That is awesome beyond words. Very cool.

  2. Thank you !I really enjoyed this post..
    It was informative and entertaining..
    I love how you had the icecream diet
    Day 😄
    That you Didn’t stop or give up🌻
    That you were calm and found away
    To compensate for every obstalce
    That came your way😊
    Thank you for the encouragement..Keep posting !!!I will be reading🌹

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