Maple Leaf Indoor Marathon training: Week 1

There’s nothing like knowing you’ve got a marathon coming up in seven weeks to help you lock down your willpower on a weekend with not one but two huge family holiday gatherings full of goodies.

Last time I ran this race, in 2014, I assumed that I’d melt off a few pounds during training. Instead, the opposite happened – I actually gained a bit because I was always hungry with all that extra mileage.  This time around, I want to train smart and eat smart.

The biggest difference is that I’m planning to run/walk my long runs and the race itself, using a 4:1 ratio. This is partly to make the relatively short training timeframe feel less daunting (I’m not starting out in the best of shape), but also because I’m curious if it’s possible to lower my time.

Week One (Dec. 28-Jan. 3)


Bike and Soul is a bike/yoga shop on the downtown circle in Angola.

Monday – Last day of a three-day weekend birthday trip to Pokagon State Park. Got in a 20-minute ladder workout on the treadmill at our hotel before stopping at the breakfast bar for a peanut butter banana and a bagel, followed by a quick shower and an 8 a.m. yoga class at Bike and Soul in Angola. An ice storm was underway, and there was only one other participant besides the instructor, who had us start in cross-legged position. My hips are so ridiculously tight I can’t really sit in this position for any length of time at all. I asked to extend my legs instead, but even so I couldn’t get comfortable and spent most of the “relaxing warmup” in various states of agony. Still, loved getting a look at this bike/yoga shop — an interesting combination.

Tuesday – 6 miles on the treadmill at home using a 4 minute run to 1-minute walk ratio, finishing in 69:40.  Also did 1 set of 15 kettlebell swings.

Wednesday – Ran at our local state park. Had to adjust my course in various places due to flooding. Wound up with about 3 miles.

Thursday – My body was asking for a rest day, but seeing as it was the last day of the holiday run streak, I felt like I had to do something. So I walked a mile on the treadmill in 14:25, which was mostly at 4.2 mph and a short burst at 4.5. (Still need to tally up run streak mileage; probably get to that later this week.)

Friday – Met my sister Traci for our first run together in over a month. The River Greenway was flooded, so we started out on an alternate route through town that got altered again as we tried to avoid an icy wind. About 4 miles.

Saturday – 10-mile run/walk with my sister and 17-year-old niece, Madison. Fifteen laps around the main loop at the local 4-H Park, with two (and eventually three) short walk breaks per .66 mile lap. We finished in 1:55, which worked out to just under 12 minutes a mile.

Sunday – Took Loki out for a run that got cut to 2 miles because I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to have my arms pulled off.

Total mileage: 27.5 miles.


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3 Responses to Maple Leaf Indoor Marathon training: Week 1

  1. janerunswild says:

    Interesting that you’re running an indoor marathon! I can’t imagine, but sounds like a fun challenge. How many laps? How do you prevent yourself from boredom? Good luck, looking forward to hearing how it goes!

    • tischcaylor says:

      It’s 204 laps. You change direction every half hour. It’s such a small field that everybody gets to know each other. One cool thing about it is even if you’re slow like me, you’re never far from the front-runners — they just lap you like a million times.

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