Loki the Husky joins our #HolidayRunStreakFun


Colleen and Loki at the turnaround on a foggy Saturday morning run.

By Colleen, age 13 

Guess what! My big sister Rowan adopted a husky named Loki from an animal rescue in Fort Wayne. Aside from being immensely adorable, Loki is also useful as a running partner. On Saturday Mom and I took him for his first run. Never before have I been so completely fatigued after a measly two-mile expedition.

Yesterday, I went on an excursion with Loki myself. Previously, my PR for a mile was well over 11 minutes. As of yesterday, I can cover 5,280 feet in 9:32. That is pretty amazing, especially considering it is all because of a dog.

Loki is a year and a half, so he’s in prime condition to be super cute and amazing as well as being good at running. But I don’t just take Loki running. I also take him for long walks in the yard 5-6 times a day. I foresee large improvements in my fitness level in the near future because of Loki.




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2 Responses to Loki the Husky joins our #HolidayRunStreakFun

  1. Gpa says:

    Good job Colleen, whatever it takes!!!

  2. bgddyjim says:

    Nice job kiddo, 9 minutes is very respectable!

    Remember this though, you always had it in you. You just let Loki show you that you did. Run hard.

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