Running to a Christmas celebration: #HolidayRunStreakFun

Though I’ve gotten in some daytime runs during this year’s Holiday Run Streak, every single run I’ve done with Colleen has happened in the dark. Last night’s was especially festive because we stopped by the Ossian Hometown Christmas while doing our mile loop through town.

Ossian’s “downtown” is just two blocks long, and most of the businesses were decorated for the holidays and offering some kind of hot cider or Christmas goodies, all for free. Christmas songs and stories played over a loud speaker; we heard “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” while we were there.


We didn’t get any pictures last night, but here’s a shot of Helen making mincemeat at Bethlehem Lutheran Church before Thanksgiving. 

My primary interest was trying some of Helen Witte’s iron kettle chili. I got to know Helen while working on a story about a local church’s mincemeat-making operation, and she told me then she’s been stirring her chili over a fire at various local events for around 35 years now. It was every bit as good as she described. (Normally I wouldn’t eat chili in the middle of a run, but Colleen and I were just getting in her mile at a pretty easy pace.)

Here’s the rundown on the last few days on the Holiday Run Streak:

Day 5: Monday, Nov. 30 – 4-mile midday run on the Greenway in Bluffton. Later, after our yoga class, Colleen and I ran a mile downtown (including running over the pedestrian bridge over the Wabash in the dark) and finished up with a cup of hot chocolate at Hardee’s. Daily total: 5 miles. Streak total: 13.

Day 6: Tuesday, Dec. 1 – Colleen and I wore headlamps on a 1.25 mile-run around the Ossian Trail, which is really dark since there are no street lamps along the way. We couldn’t see great, but it’s a paved path with no real obstacles to stumble over. It was kind of fun, actually.  Daily total: 1.25. Streak total: 14.25.

Day 7: Wednesday, Dec. 2 – Second day in a row where I didn’t manage to get anything in except Colleen’s mile, but that’s enough to keep the streak going. In the dark, as usual, two laps around the local high school after our second yoga class of the week. Daily total: 1 Streak total: 15.25.

Day 8: Thursday, Dec. 3 — 6 miles at Ouabache trail #5, with my sister Traci, then 1 mile with Colleen in Ossian during the Hometown Christmas event. (Wish we’d taken a picture.) Daily total: 7 Streak total: 22.25.

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