Running (and racing) in the rain: #HolidayRunStreakfun

This year I’m doing the Holiday Run Streak with my seventh-grader, who insists we make it an outdoor streak. Thus far that’s meant a whole lot of rain, in addition to three out of the first four runs happening in the dark, given how insanely early the sun sets this time of year.

Here’s a recap of days 1-4, including an unscheduled run in the Rainbow Lake 5K.

Day 1: Thanksgiving — Colleen and I ran a mile on the Greenway in the dark around 6:30 a.m., then came back and started cooking. I did a few interval sessions on the treadmill whenever I had a few minutes to kill while waiting on something in the oven. Total: 3 miles.

weather radar 151127

Friday’s weather radar as we headed out on our run.

Day 2: Black Friday — Though it rained all day and well into the night, Colleen and I went out and jogged a mile around the Bluffton Middle School in the rain. The primary challenge was to avoid stepping on foot-long nightcrawlers, which led to a philosophical question: Is ignorance bliss? Daily total: 1. Streak total: 4

Day 3: Saturday, Nov. 28 — I wasn’t planning to run the Rainbow Lake 5K, but I’d been trying to line up an interview with a guy who races with his dog, and since Doug and Ginger were doing this one, we’d arranged to do the interview in the firehouse where runners gather for a soup buffet  after the race.


Ginger at the WOOF, after she and Doug ran the 16-mile course.

It was cold and rainy that morning, but when I got to Geneva Doug was already taking Ginger out on a 7-mile bike ride to get her warmed up. This apparently not only calms her down, but eliminates the possibility that she might have to stop to poop during the race. Doug, who recently turned 60, won his age group, then he and Ginger came back and found me running at a 9:52 pace. (Fearful of unleashing a massive sinus storm on a day that was booked solid with social events, I’d avoided going all out – only to wind up with a slow daylong drip anyway. This time, though, a couple of squirts of Flonase and some Day-Quil kept it from getting completely out of control as it did after the Fox Island Turkey Trot.)

This was a fun course that loops around the lake, the chili was fantastic, and it was fascinating to hear Doug’s tales of his adventures with Ginger, which includes backpacking in the mountains. More on that in a future post. Daily total: 3 Streak total: 7

Day 4: Sunday, Nov. 29 — We couldn’t resist the Thanksgiving Weekend Sale at Three Rivers Running Company, where Ben and Colleen each got a great deal on a new pair of shoes. It was dark when we got home, so Colleen and I did a Christmas lights run on the Greenway to get in our mile. Daily total: 1 Streak total: 8

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