The best mental toughness movie ever

If I were stranded on Mars and needed to make my rations last X number of days until a supply ship could be sent, could I trust myself not to stress out and go on a binge?
Doubtful. One of the many reasons I’d never make the cut for a space crew. But that’s  just one of the challenges facing astronaut Mark Watney in The Martian, Ridley Scott’s take on Robinson Crusoe in space.

This is a film about creativity and mental toughness. Making do with what you’ve got, both in terms of gear and what’s between your ears. There’s no secret technology to save the day. No room for negativity.

If I were a coach, this is the film I’d have my team watch the night before a big game, because it’s about selflessness and teamwork, too. I’m hoping it inspires greater teamwork within our family – and helps me get through a few more days on this diet.

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