A kid’s point of view: Tri the Creek

By Colleen, age 12

This super sprint triathlon was probably my most difficult physical challenge yet.

IMG_0889I wasn’t prepared for the open water swim. It was tougher than in a pool. But I was tougher than Mom in that she wore Aunt Traci’s wet suit while I just swam in my swimsuit. The water was 69 degrees but it wasn’t that bad. I’m glad that I practiced sidestroke because that’s what I ended up doing most of the swim.

The bike was pretty challenging on Aunt Traci’s mountain bike. It is not meant for road races but I wanted to ride it up a big hill near the start because it’s easier to shift gears. About halfway through, mom and I traded. I think I cut my time in half after that.

The most difficult part was the running. My legs felt like bricks. I could hardly move them! The trail was pretty so at least I could look at nice scenery while my legs were on fire.

It felt like a big accomplishment when mom and I ran through the shoot to finish. As we came in the announcer said, “and here comes the Caylor family from Ocean, Indiana.” Why would you pronounce Ossian as Ocean? It was funny, though.

Even though it was tough for me, this was definitely the most fun triathlon I’ve ever done. The park was awesome and it was cool to see all the athletes in action. And now, I am a USAT member for a year, so that will probably prompt me to do more triathlons.

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4 Responses to A kid’s point of view: Tri the Creek

  1. Awesome! Oh btw, any progress on the novels?

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