How do you know it’s time for new insoles?

ductshoes2When the screws you put on your trail shoes for better traction start poking your feet on a run.

screwshoesI’m into frugal fitness. Most of my running outfits came from Goodwill or are hand-me-downs from overly fussy daughters. When it comes to trail shoes, I just don’t think I need that much cushion when I’m running on a soft forest floor. This pair of Saucony Kinvaras are a sentimental favorite because I wore these the day I won one race (age group) and placed in another on the same day back in 2013. Though the uppers eventually wore out, a duct-tape makeover and some screws in the tread gave them new life as trail shoes. I wore these for all 32 miles of last December’s HUFF 50K with no problems whatsoever.

With all the rain this summer we haven’t been on the trails much. But when I took these guys out for a run in the woods at Ouabache State Park this week, I got some jabs whenever I made a tight turn.

Time for new trail shoes? Nah. Just a sign I need some new insoles.

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