A kid’s point of view: A game-changing bike ride

By Colleen, age 12

Last Friday was a game changer. That is the only way to put it. I rode all the way into town, about 12 miles because we went the long way to Aunt Traci’s house.

FullSizeRender (2)I was kind of nervous that Mom would have to call Grandpa to come and get me because I’d never ridden that far before. The most I’ve ever done was 8. Once we got past 124 I knew we were definitely going to make it. And then when we got to the Greenway I started riding faster because I was excited and also because I wanted to get there before Traci’s garage sale was over. We just made it. It felt awesome to come riding up the driveway on my bike!

After this ride, my confidence skyrocketed for the Tour de Donut. On Sunday I said yes to a 10-mile ride in a heartbeat because I knew I could do it. I actually wound up going about 15 miles that day.

Since then Mom and I have been going on more rides and now I’m not afraid to get out of my comfort zone. Maybe that’s because my comfort zone is a lot bigger than it used to be! That one ride was the turning point in my cycling career.

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5 Responses to A kid’s point of view: A game-changing bike ride

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Awesome job Colleen! I’m glad you’re enjoying cycling and that you’re able to figure out how to break down your mental barriers that limit what you can do.

    My general rule is this: If I take my normal average pace on a bike, drop one mile an hour, I can double my distance.

    You can ride twelve miles right now. Slow it down, just a little bit, and you can double that.

    In other words, you’re a lot stronger than you think you are. On a bike you can always slow it way down if you run out of gas so don’t worry about breaking those barriers in your mind. That’s how I did it.

    Have fun kiddo, and ride safe.

  2. Sandra says:

    True dat! Slow down a bit and ride longer. It’s the journey–plus, you’ll see more cool stuff by going slower. BigDaddyJim loves to go fast, writes about it a lot, too. . . but going slower is the way to go! Congratulations!
    Two years ago, 10 miles was a LONG ride for me. Now I consider that average. In fact, before my favorite trail closed, 20 miles became my average and 50 miles was long for me. Keep up the good work!

  3. tischcaylor says:

    This is Colleen. Thank you for the advice and support!

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