Offbeat triathlon game cures lazy-butt syndrome

Recently a friend posted on Facebook, “If I rode my bike, mowed the lawn, and then walked, does that count as a triathlon?”

It was a joke, obviously. But it got me thinking about how sedentary some days can turn out to be once you subtract the daily workout.

Sharing a car with my 17-year-old son the last few months has added some extra biking into the mix. Reading Melissa’s post made me think about adding some yardwork on those days when I bike home from a run.

Sometimes I avoid doing yardwork because I don’t want to get sweaty and dirty. If I’m already in need of a shower, that roadblock is erased. All I need to do is switch out of my running shoes, top off my fluid levels, and I’m good to go.

One day I caught a ride into town with my son, met my sister for a 30-20-10 workout on Bluffton’s River Greenway, rode my bike home (it’s about 10 miles since I avoid the most direct route due to traffic), then spent half an hour or so picking up sticks and pulling weeds.

Friday morning I dropped the car off at school after running some errands and ran home. I was planning to catch a ride back into town that afternoon with Ben, but he forgot to stop by the house on his way to work. So Colleen and I wound up biking into town so we could help our oldest daughter move out of a house she’d been renting.

So that day’s “triathlon” totals were: 3.5 mile run, 12-mile bike ride, one hour of physical labor toting boxes and furniture.

I don’t play this game every day, but it’s kinda fun when it occurs to me. I’m also hoping it helps me keep up with the leaf raking this fall.

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