A kid’s point of view: Inspired by a running movie

I just love this movie!

I just love this movie!

By Colleen, age 12

Last weekend my friends and I watched an awesome running movie called “McFarland USA” during my end-of-summer sleepover. It was about a school of poor Mexican immigrant kids on a cross country team. They had an awesome coach who had them do hill training on piles of almonds in the fields.

You know what really inspired me about this movie? The fat kid who came in fifth in the last race!


I love to run in the rain!

I am not going out for cross country this year, but after watching this movie I got really pumped up and ran more than 2 miles of hills — in the rain! Mom was running on the same road and she couldn’t find me for a while because for probably the first time in my life I went farther than what I said I was and took off exploring down another road.

So no, I am not doing cross country, but I am training for two fun events: a Super Sprint Triathlon and the Tour de Donut, a bike race where you stop at a donut shop along the way. And I am doing soccer, of course.

On Wednesday I started school. It was pretty fun to meet my new teachers and run around to all my classes.

The scene on the almond hills.

The scene on the almond hills.

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