5K race training week 7: Adapting to a flood

Not only was the River Greenway flooded out this week, but you couldn't get down the road, either.

Not only was the River Greenway flooded out this week, but you couldn’t get down the road, either.

I don’t mind running in the rain, but we got such a consistent deluge this past week that our primary running routes were flooded. Heck, even driving was a challenge as several roads in our county were closed. I’m pretty sure running on a treadmill isn’t the best way to train for a trail race — now less than a week away — but that’s what my sister and I found ourselves doing all too often this week.

Here’s what we were supposed to do on Hal Higdon’s Advanced 5K Training Plan, followed by what actually transpired:

Monday: 3 mile run. What I did: Easy 3-mile treadmill run at the Y. (Was hoping to get there in time for a yoga class, but got stuck waiting on a long slow train.)

Tuesday: 8 x 400 at mile pace. Since we have no idea what our “mile pace” is, my sister and I tried to go as fast as we possibly could, programming in treadmill settings that would force us into PRs if we just held on for dear life. It worked. Every one of these was at or below our previous best. For more details on this workout, click here.

Wednesday: Rest or easy run. What we did: Thursday’s 45-minute tempo run, with a 10-minute warmup and cooldown and 25 minutes in the middle at a much faster pace.

Thursday: 45-minute tempo run. Made this my rest day as we had a lot going on.

Friday: Rest. Did Saturday’s “6 miles fast” workout, half on the treadmill at the downtown Fort Wayne Y and half on the indoor track. Followed that up with some easy spinning on a stationary bike.

Saturday: 6 miles fast. We did Sunday’s 90-minute run instead, meandering around Bluffton gawking at all the flooding. Since we were running for time and not distance, we just went wherever our curiosity led us, running as close as we could get to the flooded areas without actually getting our feet wet.

Sunday: 90-minute run. Knowing Sunday’s Waterfall 5K is fairly hilly, we decided to get in one last run on the Vera Cruz hills. This  was the first day in over a week without any rain, and the heat and humidity were brutal. Luckily our sister-in-law Darcy showed up with some Gatorade around the 4-mile mark of what turned out to be a 5-mile run.

Mileage total: 28

Cross-training: Just that easy spinning on the bike at the Y. But I expect to do at least two swim sessions this week as our training plan has us backing off running leading up to the race.

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